A Guide to Buying Plus Sized Wedding Bands

Plus size bands or rings are made for fitting bigger finger sizes falling above the average sizes of fingers. As majority of jewelers usually accommodate normal sizes, so little focus is given to individuals looking for larger ring sizes. Finding such bands can seem a daunting task for plus size bride and groom.


Plus Size Wedding Bands are still quite hard to find. That’s the reason why majority of plus-sized women (and men, too) expect that their wedding band size would not be available whether they are shopping in-store or online. This can be really frustrating and disappointing. 


Although, the fashion industry has woken up to catch on, still, the jewelry market seems to be oblivious from inclusive. After all, motive of the seller should be to make shopping an enjoyable and thrilling experience not only for a few but for all. Isn’t it?

What are Plus Size Rings? —


For women, the US sizes 10 and bigger are considered as plus size. Similarly, for men, the plus size means US sizes 13 and above. You can find out the equivalent sizes in your respective nation by using the International Ring Size Conversion chart

Are plus size wedding bands costlier than other wedding bands? —


Well, the answer is ‘yes’. The plus-size wedding bands are priced slightly higher than any average or small-sized ring. To be specific, any plus size wedding band costs around 30% more than any other standard size band or ring. The reason is that since more metal and material is needed for designing them, so, they do cost more. 

The first step to finding your wedding band—

Diamond Wedding Band

Well, to have your wedding band measured correctly that fits larger knuckles and wider fingers, you need to visit your local jewelry shop. Only when you have exact knowledge about your size can you buy the band you like. Because we know very well that love is individual. 

What you need the band to look like? —Price is, undoubtedly, a crucial thing. But, hey, wait a minute. Before you start worrying about this aspect, have you thought about what exactly you wish the band to be like? 


Do you need the band to be rose gold, gold, diamond, or silver? Would you prefer something classic and elegant, or something fancy and detailed? Studded with one large diamond or no diamonds at all? Would you like emeralds or any other colored stones including sapphire? In other words, what is your unique style and preference?

While shopping for a wedding band, you want something that steals away your breath and is a true depiction of your unique style. After all, it is a symbol of love for your would-be life partner and looks ravishing on your hands. 

Diamond Insert multi shank Rings

Whether you are searching for a plus sized or large size wedding band, cocktail ring, or engagement ring, finejewelryandgemstones has a wide variety to offer. Just get in touch with us to realize your dream of your plus sized wedding band for your D-day that shall fit perfectly. No wonder, you are going to treasure it forever. 

Know your budget—Another important factor before heading towards choosing the plus size wedding band is having knowledge of your budget. Only then you can shop your wedding band. 

Love does come in different sizes and shapes and you can find it at Fine Jewelry and Gemstones while choosing plus sized wedding band. So why settle just for anything else? 

Unique Plus Sized Wedding Bands You Will Cherish Forever!!!

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