Breaking The Rules: Choosing Mixed Metal Diamond Rings

Breaking The Rules: Choosing Mixed Metal Diamond Rings

For many years  in the world of fashion, it was frowned upon to mix metals. However, modern fashion has been putting this theory to the test. One area where these rules have definitely been thrown out of the window is metal engagement rings. Given that this is often a once in a lifetime event, buyers are becoming more daring when it comes to using mixed metal diamond rings. Here are some more reasons why you should also consider breaking the rules when it comes to getting mixed metal diamond engagement rings.

Benefits of Mixed Metal Diamond Rings

The biggest reason why more and more people are choosing mixed metal diamond rings is to stand out. Conventional fashion has always demanded uniformity when it comes to engagement rings so when someone takes a different route, they are bound to stand out. Mixed metal diamond rings are also ,not to mention, outstandingly beautiful. Buying a mixed metal diamond engagement ring is also a great way to get all that you love in one product. Many people often have to choose whether to buy one option or the other. Using this option, you can get the benefits and appeal of all options in one product.

Suggested Pieces

Here then are some great suggestions for mixed metal diamond rings:

  • Mark Broumand 2.15ct Old European Cut Diamond Engagement Ring – This is a spectacular diamond engagement ring. This piece features a diamond centerpiece that is surrounded by a ring of pave diamonds. The rest of the engagement ring is comprised of 18k white and yellow gold. This is an outstanding ring that will always compliment any outfit.
  • The Yael Designs Concert Engagement ring- This is made up of a 4.24 carat yellow Sapphire that is set in the middle of white diamonds. To complement the look, this spectacular piece is comprised of 18k yellow and white gold.
  • The Harry Kotlar Dynasty Engagement ring – This is an 18-karat yellow gold piece with platinum. It features white and yellow diamonds that are set in 18-karat yellow gold. The Harry Kotler Dynasty engagement ring is sure to stand out in any setting.
  • The 1stdibs Diamond Halo Gold Ring – This is a superb piece that is designed to take your breath away. It consists of diamond centerpiece with shank and pave halo. This spectacular centerpiece is then set in 18 karats rose and white gold.

Find the Right Look

These are just a few of the many spectacular pieces of mixed metal diamond rings out there. You can even choose the kind of feel that you want with your mixed-metal diamond rings. For example, white and yellow gold combinations can give a rather traditional feel if that is what you are going for. Rose, yellow and white gold combinations make for a modern look. If you want something that is not too loud but still gives off a fashion-forward look, consider combinations of platinum and yellow gold.

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