How to keep your jewelry from tarnishing

Are you a proud owner of a beautiful collection of jewelry? And do you feel eager to know how to safeguard your jewelry from getting tarnished? After all, your jewels have special significance for you. So, don’t worry. We are here to guide you about how to store your jewelry safely and let you put your best foot forward every day. 

And you need to keep in mind that while storing your jewelry, you need to avoid putting it at risk by using the ways that can be hazardous for your precious collection. 

Here are the brief yet important tips to ensure safety and security of your exquisite fine jewelry from getting tarnished—

Before moving ahead with the steps, you must keep in mind the type of jewelry, it’s worth and the material used to make it.  

Tips to safeguard your jewelry from tarnishing —

  • Separate your jewelry to prevent it from tarnishing—You must separate your jewelry based on the metals it is made up of. For example, you must segregate your jewelry before storing it. Never keep your fine jewelry with silver jewelry. 
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Similarly, do not store your costume jewelry with fine jewelry or silver jewelry. This step will save the metals of the jewel pieces from getting tarnished while interaction. If you have any tarnished jewelry, then don’t store it along with your untarnished jewelry as doing will tarnish even the unblemished pieces too.  

  • Keep it clean and dry—It is very important to keep your jewels clean and dry. It will not only save your adornments from getting tarnished but also prevent its premature damage. So, never commit the mistake of storing dirty jewelry. 
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Moisture is a big culprit which can make it degraded. Using lotions and perfume, or sweating while wearing your jewels can affect their metals or plating. Hence, make it a point to dry your jewels before storing them especially after wearing these in rains. 

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Here is a simple and effective method to clean it at home. Just take lukewarm water and mix it with a couple of drops of dish detergent. Dip your jewels in this mild solution for a few minutes. Clean the dirt using a soft toothbrush and dry with a plain piece of cloth. You can use a silver polishing cloth for removing tarnish. 

  • Using a Jewel Protectant Spray—To ensure extra protection to your jewels from tarnishing, try using a good quality jewelry protectant spray. Tarnish Me Not is a feasible choice for giving added life to your jewels.
  • Storing in a consistent temperature—Humidity can play a spoilsport for your jewelry and result in tarnishing it. So, you should store jewelry at low humidity levels. You can choose a place where a dehumidifier or an AC (air conditioner) is used to keep temperature at adequate levels. Also keep silica sachets in your jewel box for absorption of extra moisture. 
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  • Choose a dark and dry place—Keep your fine jewelry, gold jewelry, and silver jewelry away from direct heat and sunlight. Keep them at a place which is dry and dark. To store silver jewelry, use a box having felt lining while wrap your gold jewelry in a soft cloth bag if you don’t have its original packing.

This helps to save it from getting tarnished by keeping moisture level controlled. Preferably, use a felt pouch for storing it. And also invest in polishing it every six months to keep its sheen intact. 

With these tips in mind, you can keep the shimmer and sparkle of your jewelry intact for a long time!!!

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