How Your Jewelry Reveals Your Personality

Have you ever wondered what your taste and choice in jewelry say about you? Well, it is a fact that your jewelry speaks a lot about you. It does not matter what type of person you are. The thing is that you must have worn jewelry at some point or time in your life. So, considering your peculiar choice in what you love to wear tells about the person you are. 

Interesting? Isn’t it? Now, let us take a look at a couple of varied jewelry personality categories—

  •  The Fun Loving–If you are the one who loves to flaunt yourself in big pieces like extravagant necklaces, huge hoop earrings, or thick and flamboyant  rings, then you are a bubbly and cheerful human being who loves being active socially. You love partying hard because fun is what you adore in your life. 
  • Simple and humble–If earrings and necklaces made from seashells or sea glass entice you, then you are likely to be a humble and down-to-earth person. You love nature in its various forms and designs. That’s the reason why you are so grounded and like to wear jewelry items that are close to nature. 
  • Highly Traditional–For the ones who love beauty and elegance in terms of jewelry, solitaire engagement rings and diamond earrings are the top choices. If you fall in this category, then you have deep traditional values rooted in your personality. You can stay assured of looking poised everytime and everywhere. 
  • Narcissist–Having a special fondness for personalized jewelry, especially with your initials on them? You are a narcissist, for sure. Accept it or not, but the fact is that such people are completely self-obsessed and do not hesitate to express their feelings. The best thing about such people is that they are always there to show their love and support for their dear ones. Are you a narcissist? Amazing! 
  • Whimsical–You love to experiment and have lots of fun in your life. And your choice of jewelry also reflects this particular aspect of your personality. Your preference for pendant necklaces and colorful charm bracelets says it all. Give yourself the fairy wings by enjoying wearing such special pieces of magical jewelry. 
  • Chic–Love pearls? Well, you are highly polished and have a special charm and elegance. Although you prefer to keep low-key, still you are a face in the crowd due to your exclusive fashion tastes and poised appearance. And remember, pearls and elegance go hand-in-hand! 
  • The Fancy one–You are an ardent lover of big and famous jewelry brands and don’t want to settle for second best. Why not? After all, you strive hard to get what you want in your life. So, you ought to deserve the best, be it clothes or jewelry. And the luxury jewelry brands are meant for you. Go and pamper yourself with luxury jewelry collectibles to splash yourself in style. 
  • Color Coordinated–Those who always love to wear magnificent silver bracelets matching with the color of their footwear or a gold necklace accompanied by a pair of matching earrings are organized and highly responsible in their life. They are excellent hosts and great conversationalists at parties and get-togethers. 

With these categories of jewelry mentioned above, you can see what your particular style has to say about you. You may fit into a single or even a couple of categories, depending on your typical jewelry type. Whatever your style might be, we, at Finejewelryandgemstones have you covered, with unlimited designs and choices in jewelry. You will fall in love with yourself all over again. What do you say! 

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