If you are looking for top quality bracelets that consist of precious metals such as gold or silver, look no further than Fine Jewelry and Gemstones. Our company carries a comprehensive range of bracelets and bangles. Stylish and elegant, our bracelets go well with all outfits.

About Our Bracelets

Bracelets are recognized as one of the most popular forms of jewelry, and can be worn in multiples or singly by all genders. In addition to indicating one’s social status, bracelets have also been used for decorative and protective purposes in the past.

Bracelets are easy accessories to wear. A minimalist slip-on bangle can give an outfit that extra ounce of oomph. Bracelets are able to represent someone’s personality in a subtle yet stylish way.

Today, bracelet materials are innumerable because individuals from all cultures across the globe use natural, man-made, imported, and even indigenous materials to make them. While the majority of bracelets are made from metals, one can find them with tortoiseshell, feathers, wood, and stone. At Fine Jewelry and Gemstones, we specialize in white and yellow gold.

Popular Bracelets from Fine Jewelry and Gemstones

Below is a short list of bracelets that Fine Jewelry and Gemstones offers:

  • 4 CTTW 14k White Gold Round Diamond Tennis Bracelets
  • 14k Yellow Gold Thick Omega Motif Brick Style Bracelets
  • Fancy Weave Bangles in 14k Yellow Gold
  • Fancy Weave Bangles in 14k White Gold
  • Mariner Motif Link Bracelets in 14k Two-Tone Gold
  • Men’s Bracelets with Geometric Details in 14k Two Tone Gold
  • Intertwined Knot Slip-On Bangles in 14k Two-Tone Gold
  • Men’s Bracelets with Shiny Bars in 14k Two Tone Gold
  • … and more!

Why Should You Wear Bracelets?

Wearing bracelets is an excellent way to add a pop to your outfits because they can be dressed up or down. These accessories are appropriate in corporate environments and lazy Sunday afternoons at the beach. Bracelets are also great conversation starters because they are visual cues to your personality.

Get Tasteful and Dazzling Bracelets from Fine Jewelry and Gemstones

Fine Jewelry and Gemstones. provides a superior level of customer service for all of our customers within the diamond and jewelry market. We have a commitment to serving every customer with quality jewelrey.

Fine Jewelry and Gemstones. strives to create beautiful pieces of jewelry for our customers. That is why we provide exceptional guidance and design assistance every step of the way. If you are planning to design a custom engagement ring, our team ensures that it will be a special symbol of your lifelong bond.

Today, Fine Jewelry and Gemstones. has over 4,000 pieces of fine jewelry in stock. In addition to offering our customers great value for money, we also offer worldwide shipping and fast deliveries within the United States.

If you have any questions about our bracelets, do not hesitate to contact us today. Get in touch with Fine Jewelry and Gemstones. by calling 1-973-980-1910 or sending an email to!