Top Jewelry Styling Tips

Jewelry accessorizing may seem a daunting task for many of you. Styling the jewelry with your dress in accordance with your body type and the occasion needs detailed information of the latest trends along with an innovative mind. Grooming, after all, is an art and it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Hey! But don’t you worry. Here we are with some amazing and exceptional jewelry style tips to complement your look and let you bang by putting your fashionable self forward. So, here we go….

  • Create layers—Whether it is rings, bangles, or necklace, try having fun by experimenting with the look. Layer it up with these jewelry pieces.
    5" White Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Silver Bead Bracelet with Cross
    You can mix, stack or match rings in all ways of attractive combinations.
    4.5"-5" Round Engravable Bangle
    Different pieces of bracelets and bangles can be used to create an exuberant and flashing impact.
    You can even try layering necklaces of varying lengths to invite all eyes to your face. Create a treat by using necklaces of different colors, textures, and shapes.
    14k Tri Color Gold Cross Pendant
    The same goes for earrings too to have a stunning appearance on special occasions. Stacking and layering are quite simple. It only requires your creativity to leave everyone around spellbound with your style. 
  • Earrings reveal your personality—Do you know that the earrings you choose to wear say a lot about the kind of person you are?
    Yes, that’s true. So, pick earrings to complement your skin tone, hair, and eye color
    Moreover, your selection of earrings should focus to frame your face
    Lever Backs
    Silver dangling earrings gel well with long stick hair while medium-sized earrings, usually in silver, are ideal for those having short hair.
  • Mix metals—Love to experiment by mixing different metals? Go ahead. Dual tones are ethereal as they add a fascinating pop to your dress. The good thing is that you don’t have to stick to all gold jewelry or silver jewelry. Play with your imagination to rock in style.
  • Outfit or jewelry? —Decide what you would love to focus on, your outfit or jewelry? When wearing fancy attire, go for minimalist and subdued jewelry.
    However, you can add an instant dash of style and elegance to a simple and routine outfit by complementing it with any pure silver jewelry piece.
  • Break the trend, make new—Are you a trend follower? Now is the time to ditch the trends to carve your distinct and individual style.
    14k Yellow Gold Thick Omega Motif Brick Style Bracelet
    After all, you must reflect on your own personality rather than simply becoming a fashion slave.
    10 Thin Bangle Bracelet Set
    So, explore what you love by experimenting with your personal likes and tastes to be the real ‘you’.
  • Rings are forever—When it comes to rings, you can never run short of ideas.
    Go and play with different colors, metals, and shapes to explore the versatile possibilities of wearing rings.
    Whether it is stackable rings, statement cocktail rings, subtle rings, or any other ring, you can ring in with your own style.
  • Discover your signature style—Jewelry has the power to revamp your outfit and your feelings.
    Find jewelry you connect with and love to wear more often. Such pieces can uplift a simple outfit and exhibit your persistent style by experimenting with your appearance. These can be a single piece of jewelry (like a statement piece) or a happy mix of several pieces that blend together.
    For example, your signature style could comprise of antique & classic gold rings paired together along with big bracelets and a single pendant.

You are the queen and you don’t need to follow any fashion rules. Go for the jewelry that brings out the best in you. 

Rock with Your Unique Style to be Confident, Comfortable, and Graceful!!!

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