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A Guide to Buying Gemstones

Charm, glamour and resilience–all these qualities are synonymous with gemstones. Moreover, these characteristics make them attractive for personal beautification and render them priceless and cherishing. Colored gemstones let you express yourself in your unique manner.  

Love collecting faceted gemstones but feel stumped buying them? Purchasing gemstones is, undoubtedly, a great challenge. You ought to have the ability to assess their brilliance, flaws, color, and transparency to make a good choice. The guide to buying gemstones shall help you get the best bargain. It is a valuable and amazing resource to get vital and practical tips.

So, whether you are interested in garnet, ruby, jade, tourmaline, or any other gemstone, read on to know how to cherry-pick quality gemstones and gemstone jewelry–

Gemstones can be either natural or laboratory-created/synthetic. While the former are obtained from the earth, the latter are grown/created in a laboratory or by a manufacturer. You must keep in mind that the value and rarity of natural gemstones is not possessed by their lab-created counterparts. They are graded on the basis of their cut, color, clarity, and size.

Gemstone Color—Color of any gemstone is one of its most important defining features. No wonder, majority of colored gemstones attain their beauty from their respective color. To assess the color of any gem, you need to consider the depth of its tone color, the virginity of its shade, and its color concentration.

Gemstone Clarity—The beauty of any colored gemstone is contributed by its clarity. While shopping for gemstones jewelry, choose the ones having moderate or average inclusions. Fine Jewelry and Gemstones has a huge variety of captivating gold gemstone fine jewelry including showstopper gemstone necklaces, stellar gold jewelry and gemstones, rare and beautiful silver jewelry and gemstones, and glossy gemstone pendants.

Gemstone Cut—Cut of a gem directly influences its appearance. Meanwhile, gemstones don’t have any geometrical cut grading. The expertise of any jeweler is to preserve its maximum weight, manifest ideal radiance and color, and reveal minimum additions.

Gemstone Size–Gemstones can be measured by their size, weight, or both. The basic measuring unit for weighing them is the carat. However, in addition to the weight of carat, the gemstones are also measured by dimensions in millimeters by the jewelry industry. While matching any colored gemstone for any jewelry, it is advisable to consider its millimeter size. Carats are divided into 100 points.

Before buying a gem, a thorough and comprehensive research on it is mandatory for any buyer. Hence, Gem Encyclopedia of GIA(Gemological Institute of America) is a good resource for getting required information about gemstones. A lab report showing the clarity, color, weight, and cut of the gemstone may accompany it.

Want to buy ethical, staggering, and one-of-a-kind gemstones? With this valuable guide, explore and bargain the highest quality gemstone jewelry within your budget.

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