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Can You Wear Both Gold And Silver Jewelry Together?
Can You Wear Both Gold And Silver Jewelry Together?

Can You Wear Both Gold And Silver Jewelry Together?

There was once a rule not to mix metals, but now there are no rules to fashion. We are living in an era where there is no limit to fashion and the idea of mixing silver and gold has now transformed into a trend. However, as there is a very thin line between chic and absurd, mixing it in the right manner is key. Here, we will share with you tips on how to mix your gold and silver jewelry together in the most fashionable way!


One technique to wearing both gold and silver jewelry together is to layer pieces of different colors. For instance, you can arrange necklaces one on top of the other, starting from the longest to the shortest one. Let it fall naturally if they happen to overlap. Have fun dressing a unique look with this new trend. 

Add a Spin to It

Another tip to enhance the look is to add a different color that will complement the gold and silver jewelry. For example, you could add one rose gold necklace or a colored charm to a gold and silver jewelry combination – have fun mixing and matching them!

Does It Compliment Your Clothing Style?

When matching your clothing outfit with both gold and silver jewelry, it is important to take into consideration if it is the suitable kind of jewelry for the clothing style and occasion. For instance, a more trendy and funky style could work better for a daytime look, while a more sophisticated and elegant style could be more suitable for an evening outfit. You can then start to arrange your gold and silver jewelry pieces together after selecting the style of jewelry.

What to Avoid?

One of the most important things to remember is to only mix colors and not styles. You will want to give off a look that you have put thought into what you were doing and wearing instead of just randomly putting different pieces together. Although there are no true rules you have to follow when it comes to fashion,  we still want to look elegant and modern.

Have a Focus Area

When mixing gold and silver together, focusing on a few body areas is helpful. Some perfect areas to focus on are your neck, ears, and wrists. When you place emphasis on one standardized design and style, the final look will be a more balanced one that brings out the beautiful combination of the gold and silver pieces.

Ultimately, mixing both gold and is an exciting and fun experience, which can make a statement for you as an individual. Now that you know these simple guidelines to wearing both gold and silver jewelry together, you can start experimenting what works for you. Remember to add your own personal style to it as well!

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