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Common Jewelry Myths Debunked
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Common Jewelry Myths Debunked

For several centuries, jewelry has been an integral part of human civilization and continues to be so even now. However, there has been several changes in the way in which it is created and designed. All this has led to several stories and misconceptions about jewelry. 

Top jewelry myths busted…. 

So, today, we shall provide you with the right information by debunking some prevalent common myths here and now. Of course, you must always check the GIA trademark when buying jewelry. 

So, as we together discover the truth behind these misconceptions pertaining to jewelry, we shall also unveil some crucial caring tips as well —–

Diamonds are sturdy, hence unbreakable—

Among the highly widespread myth about diamonds is that they are indestructible. The truth is, however, somewhat different. No doubt, diamonds cannot get scratched. 

But severe strain and heat may lead to cracks in them. The fact is that rubies and sapphires are comparatively less vulnerable to get chipped as compared to diamonds. When it comes to the beauty and rarity of diamonds, remember, diamonds are, indeed, forever. 

Sapphires are blue only—

Undoubtedly, sapphires are found in blue shade most often and they were called sapphires in Greece, which means ‘blue colored stone’. However, that does not mean these priceless stones are not available in any other color. They are available in other colors too and the variations in their color are primarily due to micro-impurities in them. While the blue sapphire has traces of titanium and iron, yellow color in sapphires is due to iron while purple sapphires are due to vanadium. 

Diamonds are highly expensive—

Being extremely flawless and highly durable, diamonds do come with a hefty price. But not every diamond is costly. You can choose to buy the pocket-friendly simulated diamonds available in the market. Cubic zirconia is a good alternative for those who love diamonds but want something that is easy on their pocket. 

Opals bring bad luck—

Contrary to this popular belief that opals spell bad luck, they were considered to be very lucky originally by the Romans. That’s the reason why Caesars often gifted their spouse with opals as symbols of good luck. 

Gold comes in different colors—

No doubt, we see gold jewelry in various colors. That’s the reason why many are of the view that just like gemstones, gold too is found in numerous colors. The truth, however, is that god originally comes in yellow color only. Other varieties are formed by mixing additional metals with the gold. For example, white gold is made by combining palladium and nickel with gold and then painted on top of the metal. 

Want to check the legitimacy of Gold? Bite into it? —

It is a sheer myth that you can check if gold is authentic by biting into it and seeing your bite marks. The fact is that there are several other metals that are malleable and soft when bitten. So, you can see your bite marks on lead as well because it is also a soft (but toxin) mineral. Now you know why you don’t need to bite your gold. Remember, all that glitters is not ‘Gold’ although gold also glitters!!!

Pearls can be soaked in soapy water—

Want your pearl jewelry retain its sheen and elegance for long? Never commit the mistake of cleaning them by keeping them soaked in soapy water. Otherwise, pearls could lose their nacre coating. A good tip is to make a mild solution using gentle soap and warm water. Now, clean them with gentle strokes and dab them dry before storing these. 

At Fine Jewelry and Gemstones, all of our jewelry is meticulously designed to be adored and worn. Every single piece is carefully handled with care and love as we feel motivated to make exotic antiques that can successfully retain its sheen and glamour for long. 

Of course, they shall require some extra care from you. So, to let your priceless collection withstand the test of time, it is advisable to give care and attention to each piece of jewelry. 

Look Your Resplendent Best in your Favorite Fine Jewelry!!!

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