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How to Avoid Jewelry Theft While Traveling

Traveling with your jewelry especially valuable fine jewelry should not push you into panic. You can ensure your Jewelry’s safety while traveling by doing adequate planning. So, let us see some handy and vital tips to get prepared and keep it secure. 

Choosing Which Jewelry to Pack Along

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Before deciding to choose which jewelry to bring, you must give top priority to safety. Moreover, you also need to consider the purpose of your travel, that is to say, where are you planning to go and exactly what are you going to do there? Are you going to attend any destination wedding, or you are heading for a cool beach vacation. 

Which is the Best Jewelry for Travelling?

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You don’t need to carry expensive or emotional jewelry with you while travelling. You can opt for something simple, unique, and versatile that goes well in different situations of holidaying. Whichever jewelry you select, the focus should be on high-class jewelry that comes at a pocket-friendly price tag. 

Don’t Wear your Engagement Ring on Vacation

Your engagement ring is not only expensive but also quite precious piece of jewelry for you (your spouse too). So, rather than wearing your engagement ring while traveling, you should opt for a trouble-free silicone ring if you plan to go for adventurous activities or just a fake engagement ring to look your stylish best. 

Keep a Personal Inventory of the Jewelry

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Make a personal jewelry inventory of the pieces you want to pack along. This acts as a handy tool for proving your ownership. 

Never Exhibit your Expensive Jewelry

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Do not show-off your costly jewelry while being in an unknown place. And you must not share pictures of yourself wearing expensive jewelry on the social media to avoid inviting unnecessary trouble. 

Don’t Store Everything at One Place

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While taking a few measures, you can reduce the risk to your jewelry while travelling. So, after leaving a show (jewelry exhibition, of course), you should not keep all in one place. Rather, you can wear some and keep a few pieces in your shoulder bag. If possible, invest in a microchip to be kept inside a stone or your locket to track it in case of a theft. 

Store Jewelry at the Hotel’s Front Desk

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See if the hotel you are going to stay while vacationing has a safe at its front desk. And do not forget to ask for a receipt of your jewelry to ensure its safety. 

Get Secured Locks

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Keeping your valuables safe in TSA-certified locks is a good way to ensure your Jewelry’s safety in a hotel room. 

Drive Evasively

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While driving, adhere to safety guidelines of Jewelers’ Security Alliance. Take circuitous routes and stay alert of your surroundings. 

Take a Photo of the Jewelry You are Carrying Along

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While packing your jewelry for vacationing, you must take photos of the different jewelry pieces. If needed, it will act as a vital proof of ownership to file a police report. 

Travel with Certified Pieces

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Certified pieces of jewels can be tracked easily. Hence, it is advisable to travel with these to find them in case of theft while travelling. 

Jewelry Insurance

Investing in jewelry insurance against theft is a feasible option to safeguard your jewelry. Research an insurance firm ready to provide coverage for your piece against theft or loss while travelling. Also see the limit covered by them. 

As you look forward to feel and look your best while holidaying, you can keep your jewelry safe with these handy tips. 

Say Cheers to Happy and Glamorous Vacationing!!!!

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