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How to Care for Your Antique Jewelry-Important Do’s and Don’ts
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How to Care for Your Antique Jewelry-Important Do’s and Don’ts

Antique jewelry is a piece more than a century old. No wonder, such jewelry is likely to attract dirt, especially underneath gemstones or metal. If not cleaned and cared properly, the timeless beauty of the precious heirloom is going to fade away. 

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You may feel anxious to clean the grime and residue with a polishing cloth. But be wary of doing so as it may render damages to your jewelry’s sheen and grace. 

So, how to clean and care for your antique pieces of jewels? Don’t worry. We are here to guide you with the do’s and don’ts to keep the beauty of your antique jewels intact.

Let us see here………


Make a mild cleaning solution–

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Use a DIY mild cleaning solution for keeping your jewelry safe. It is not only gentle and effective for your jewelry but also pocket-friendly. So, why use costly chemical-based solutions?

Clean using a toothbrush and soft cloth–

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After making a mild solution, the next step is to dip the item for a couple of minutes to let the dirt get loosened. But, it is good to slightly wet your toothbrush if your jewelry has soft stones. 

While cleaning, use the brush at regions with hidden grim like beneath the prongs and stones. Make sure to use only light pressure to retain its glory intact. You can also dip the jewelry in the cleaning solution until it gets out shining bright. 

Rinse it–

Cleaning should be followed by thorough rinsing and proper drying. Lukewarm water is ideal for a good rinse. After this, pat dry it before storing it safely.

Store in a special box–

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To keep it safe from bent or scratches, keep your antiques stored in special antique jewelry boxes

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Be realistic–


If you think that cleaning your antique jewelry will make it brand new, then you are mistaken. Remember, you can surely make it free from dirt and related stuff, but you should not expect to make it new by cleaning. After all, you cannot get rid of years of tarnish. 

Wear it–

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Who says antique pieces are meant to be stored in jewelry boxes? Come on! Take out those precious pieces and flaunt them. The only thing is to exercise care while wearing them. 


Never use harsh chemicals–


Your antique jewelry should not be cleaned using ammonia or other harsh chemicals. Moreover, you should avoid using household cleaning detergents having bleach as they can damage your jewelry. 

Submerging too longer?–

Jewelry having soft stones such as seed pearls or opals should not be kept submerged in cleaning liquids for too long. The best thing is to use a damp cloth or brush for light cleaning the delicate pieces. 

Don’t go overboard by polishing patina on gold jewelry–

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Polishing your antique gold jewelry can do more harm than good. Use it only lightly to let the piece retain its originality and sheen. 

A quick cleaning with ultrasonic machines?–

It is a big no-no to place your antique jewels into an ultrasonic machine. You may end up damaging the original look of the jewelry. 

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With all these vital tips to keep your antique heirloom dazzling for several years, you are ready to let it last for coming generations. 

Let the Glory of Antique Jewelry Dazzle Forever!!!

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