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How to Plan a Perfect Romantic Wedding Proposal during the Pandemic

Looking to make your relationship official during this pandemic? No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has left everyone baffled. However, this does not mean you need to put your plans of love on hold.

Although, you may not be able to celebrate the occasion in a grand manner under the Eiffel Tower or at some great place, however, you can make your engagement with the love of your life become special and memorable.   

Feeling curious to pop the awaiting question with a sparkling diamond engagement ring? Let’s find out what experts have to suggest to let you become soul and heart in an incredible manner even during these testing times.

Come with me to know some life-changing moments for soon-to-be couples………………………

  • Location of your proposal—Choosing the location ought to be one of the main things to be considered during the global pandemic. “Couples should focus on the joy and excitement of getting engaged, and remember that no matter where or when the proposal happens, it will still be one of the most special and memorable days of their lives,” states Joy, a marriage planning website.

And remember, there is nothing like a perfect place for your proposal. It is how you make it unique and unforgettable with your imagination and dedication.

  • Exploring lush and exotic outdoors—Get innovative with possible locations for proposal the benefit of discovering and enjoying the outdoors during the global pandemic. A casual walk in the beautiful natural surroundings along with your special one can give you thousand opportunities to make the moments memorable and enjoyable.

According to Olivia Markle, an Arizona-based wedding photographer, “Many of the gorgeous outdoor hikes and overlooks are still open so that’s always an amazing option.” Whether it is a meadow, lush green scenery, or mountains surrounded by flowers all around, the choice is entirely yours to make way for your secret proposal photo-shoot.

  • Proposing in your hometown—Wont you love the idea of proposing in your native hometown? Of course. So, go ahead by choosing a location closer to or in your hometown. You get a happy feeling while organizing a small celebration after proposal with your family and close relatives. And don’t forget to book a photographer to make those special moments memorable with a couple of stunning and loving pictures of both of you.
  • Make the proposal cherished and intimate—Use private spaces while keeping the focus on the two of you. Add a special touch of creativity and make the occasion special. Put together all the memories in the form of nostalgic things from your relationship. These can be gifts, love notes exchanged with each other, or any other memories you have. The trick is to capture the spirit efficiently.
  • Hiring a photographer—Make sure to capture your extra-special and incredible moment by booking a photographer. Remember, this becomes all the more important to catch and record those remarkable moments as your family and friends might not be present with you due to pandemic.

So, a photographer can help you relive those moments with your near and dear ones by sharing those splendid images with them.

Even in these times of social distancing and stay-at-home norms, love is and should not be cancelled. On the contrary, love and commitment become all the more indispensable and mandatory. So, for those seeking to make their relationship official, COVID-19 should not be a spoilsport. After all, it is a reflection of your love and trust even in such scary times!!! 

Ready to set the ball rolling? Here’s wishing you the best of health and happiness for your new innings of life!!!

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As a jewelry enthusiast, I'm captivated by the artistry and stories behind each piece, embodying elegance with every adornment.

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