How To Shop For Gold Jewelry Like A Pro
How To Shop For Gold Jewelry Like A Pro

How To Shop For Gold Jewelry Like A Pro

Gold has always been regarded as the most luxurious metal on the market. A purchase that will last a lifetime, gold jewelry is something you can pass onto future generations. It is therefore important to understand how the various types of gold differ from one another. This will help you make an educated decision when purchasing. Here are some tips for being smart about buying gold like a pro.

Carats are a Representation of How Valuable Gold is

24 carat means it is 100% gold, as gold is measured in 24ths. Other metals (alloys) are added to gold jewelry for various reasons: the metal becomes tougher and harder, the color can be changed, and lastly to reduce the cost. 

  • 75% pure gold is 18 carat gold
  • 58.5% pure gold is 14 carat gold
  • 37.5% pure gold is 9 carat gold

Although nine is famous in the UK, the 18 and 14 alloys are the most commonly used in Europe. Whereas when we look at the market in the United States and Canada, the finest one is the 18, and the 14 carat the most sought after. Side note: the 9 ct gold is not available there.

However, if you have any forms of allergy, the 18 carat gold will be most suitable as it will not result in any skin reactions. 

Carat is the Measure of Purity

When we talk about carat and karat, it means the same thing in most places in the world. (In the USA karat is a symbol of how fine the gold is). The terms carat and karat come from carob seed, which were the main forms of measuring weight in Oriental markets. In many parts of the world, it is compulsory for the carat to be labelled on every piece of gold jewelry. This is usually managed by the use of hallmarking. Consumer demand in the market also has a large influence on the fluctuation of gold prices. Especially during political instability or changes in currency, more people aim to gain financial stability by beginning to invest in gold and platinum. 

Hallmarks are an Assurance of Metal Purity

Hallmarking came from London in the 14th century. As a way to ensure the level of quality, three hallmarks are required to be given to these treasured metals: an assay office mark, a sponsor’s mark, and a fineness mark (purity). These are in place to ensure that the metals have been certified with high levels of accuracy and that the source and superiority of these metals are established. Be careful not to confuse a legal hallmark with a branding mark though!

So, How does it Relate to You when Shopping for Gold Jewelry? 

Comparing gold to silver, gold is more precious and also heavier, which explains the price. Once you are equipped with the accurate information and know what you are paying for, it will be worth the price!

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