How To Wear Bracelets On Both Wrists In Style
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How To Wear Bracelets On Both Wrists In Style

When it comes to wearing fashion bracelets on both wrists, it gives a bold look while complimenting a number of fashion styles. Many people however never try this trend because they are not sure if they can pull it off. We have come up with ideas and suggestions about how you can pull off this bold move while looking great, and most importantly feeling confident.

Mix and Match Them

You should never be afraid of mixing and matching bracelets. The idea is to wear different bracelets on different arms. The difference could be in color, size and much more. When trying to pull this off, always get bracelets that complement each other. When looking for colors to go with, pick colors that do not clash. This way you ensure that you have a harmonious look even though you might have differently-colored bracelets on both hands.

Be Careful with Metals

Metal bracelets are beautiful but be mindful when using all metal bracelets to pull off the multiple bracelet look. Metal bracelets rarely go well on both wrists and this includes all types of metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. If you want to adorn a metal bracelet, try to wear a different type of bracelet on the same or other wrist. You might want to go with beads, coral or pearl instead of the other hand.

Your Outfit Matters

As you might expect, what you wear with multiple bracelets matters a lot. Remember to ensure that the colors that you wear compliment your bracelets. You can choose to either to harmonize the bracelets or let them stand out. Do not mix the look however, always choose one way or the other. If you choose to let your bracelets stand out, remember that the idea is to stand out not to look awkward.

Simplicity is Key

When wearing bracelets on both wrists, it is important to keep the overall look as simple as possible. Wear double bracelets with simple outfits such as a little black dress with silver and pearl bracelets. Keep in mind what the objective is as well. Bracelets and other jewelry that stands out too much might steal the show and overshadow any outfit that you are wearing. If the idea is to make the outfit prominent, then make the bracelets subdued.

Have A Wrist Watch

Wristwatches can enhance your look when wearing bracelets on both wrists. Not only is a watch useful in telling time but it can also complement the double bracelets beautifully. The key thing to remember is to wear the right kind of watch to compliment your bracelets. Wearing bracelets on both wrists takes some thinking ahead to pull off. However, when executed properly, this style can look good on anyone.

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