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Jewelry Safety Tips to Avoid Damage to Your Jewelry

Summer has already arrived and is in full bloom now. So, get ready to enjoy this delightful weather by cheering up with your favourite jewelry. Whether it is spending time with your loved ones or having your ‘me time’ on your cherished vacations, jewelry always has a special place in your life. 

However, summers can also prove harsh for your choicest jewelry collection. Moreover, exposure to water, humidity, or even sunscreen can make it vulnerable to damage. And if you are a travel freak, especially during summers, then it can render your adorable pieces to several risks. 

But, you should not worry as we will suggest you some wonderful handy tips for protecting your jewelry. Here we go………………………………

Tips to outdoor jewelry care —

  • Wearing your jewelry while swimming can expose it to several hazards like salt water and chlorine. This can lead to discoloration, loss of sheen or polish. Moreover, sweat can also damage it. So, make sure to remove it before going under the water.
  • Basking in the sun is, undoubtedly, great for your health. But, harsh sun can work havoc for your jewels. Sand at the lakes and beaches can leave scratches on your precious collectibles. Make it a priority to avoid wearing your lovable adornments while having a sun bath. 
  • If you are applying sunscreen before venturing out in the sun, remember not to put your jewelry at risk. The reason is that such lotions can make your jewels become dull and drab. 
  • Love gardening or cleaning up your yard? Why not? But kindly do so without wearing your jewelry to avoid it getting dented or scratched. Remember, any bumps in your jewelry due to such outdoor activities including playing sports can result in loosening the setting of your jewels. You may even lose some of the stones adorning it. 

Travel tips to safeguard your jewelry—

Travelling means fun and frolic. However, it may also spell damage for your jewelry. So, here are some vital clues to let you keep its sheen intact………………………………………………….. 

  • Is it really necessary to bring along while travelling?—Yes, that’s an important question. Consider it carefully before packing your jewelry along while travelling. See if you can avoid bringing it because you may not only face the risk of getting it stolen but also make it susceptible to other risk factors (like getting it scratched or broken during travel).
  • Pack to avoid tangling in storage during travel—Can you imagine your favourite bracelet getting damaged or your precious earrings getting broken by getting entangled during storage? Yes, the sheer thought of such happening can make you feel crazy and mad. 

To avoid such mishap, you must pack your pieces individually using different packing. For example, diamond jewelry must be packed individually as it can damage soft pearls or gold jewels. 

Use a soft piece of cloth or a different box for packing your individual piece of fine jewelry. A good piece of advice is to wrap it in tissue paper for extra protection. 

These important tips can help you keep your jewelry safe as you get ready to enjoy the vibrant world this summer!!!

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