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Phillip Gavriel Fine Jewelry

Looking for unique, exemplary, and extraordinary jewelry? Phillip Gavriel fine jewelry is designed by keeping today’s lifestyle in mind. Choose Phillip Gavriel jewelry—the ultimate choice for unparalleled combination of classic yet contemporary jewelry. 

Being a pioneer in the field of jewelry for over four decades, Phillip Gavriel’s name is synonymous with Italian high fashion the world over. Introduced in 2008 in response to a heavy demand for stylish, fashionable, and everyday wearable fine jewelry pieces at affordable prices, the catalog proudly exhibits more than 1,000 styles. 

Phillip Gavriel fine jewelry defines classic and naïve grandeur for men and women. The vision of Phillip Gavriel is to make fine jewelry accessible to a wider audience rather than restricting it for special occasions only. The brand introduced its iconic Popcorn Collection in gold with diamonds in 2018. 

Phillip Gavriel creates finest and magnificent jewelry using precious metals including natural gemstones, 14k and 18k gold, sterling silver, and diamonds. Designed in gold, sterling silver, and exquisite gemstones, each piece of Philip Gavriel jewelry has its own unique story to unveil. Ranging between $100 and $4,000, the brand is, undoubtedly, luxury within reach.  

Phillip Gavriel earrings collection at Finejewelryandgemstones features debonair and awe-inspiring statement jewelry pieces to make every day a celebration. From enduring studs to elegant semi-hoop earrings, several collectibles are accented with diamonds. The breathtaking and vibrant essential pieces of Phillip Gavriel popcorn collection tally earrings and woven gold earrings make you look fresh and versatile every time. 

When it comes to gold gemstone fine jewelry, an obvious choice is Philip Gavriel fine jewelry. And when we talk of gold bracelets, the exclusive range of Phillip Gavriel bracelets has it all.  You can choose from a Phillip Gavriel popcorn collection tally bracelet, stackable bangles in 14k gold with diamonds, an Italian cable bracelet, classic link bracelet in 14k yellow gold, or men’s bracelets. 

From contemporary and delicate to eye-catching and elaborate, the choice seems to be endless and distinctive. Make a delightful addition with a class design for every day wear or a luxuriant piece for those special occasions because there is something to wear for everyone. 

From charms to be worn every day to sparkling precious gemstones, discover our best-selling collection of Phillip Gavriel pearl necklace and popcorn collection tally necklace which exudes exuberance and grace for every occasion. Available in contemporary styles and captivating designs that are perfect for layering, hook one today to pamper yourself or gift to someone special. 

Coming from an ancestry of jewelers, Gavriel blends his creativity and expertise to fabricate affluent textures and spectacular fine jewelry designs for today. Rekindle your poise with Phillip Gavriel’s brand new collection of hand-designed jewelry pieces inspired by the elegance of Italy and finesse of NYC. Bring in the festive delight to make each day a celebration with our showstopper Phillip Gavriel fine jewelry. 

Make your presence felt with a fascinating radiant Phillip Gavriel jewelry that is a perfect combination of fervor and legacy for men and women alike!!!

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