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The Trusted Source for Diamond Jewelry –Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Diamond

At Finejewelryandgemstones, as we recollect our modest beginnings and cherish the progress we have made, we appreciate the success of our journey by carving a special place in your hearts. Love is the essence of life and a diamond is the best way to express your love for someone special.

So, splash through our unforgettable range of crowning jewels including diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, diamond tennis bracelets, and diamond earrings to say the three letter word ‘I Love You’ in your unique way.

By testing each piece of diamond against the rigorous standards and choosing only the finest, we offer the ultimate symbol of eternity with our hand-crafted diamonds. No wonder, we feel pride in being an emblem of our moral values and the multi-diversity that encompasses us.

The 4 Cs–When it comes to our delicate and graceful diamond jewelry, diamond engagement ring is what sets you mesmerizing in the ocean of love. And that’s the reason why we love to look through the intricacies of the 4Cs (of clarity, cut, color, and carat weight).

Look for a diamond by knowing these here and now—
Color—Majority of diamonds appear to be colorless. However, a deeper look will reveal quite subtle yet noticeable differences in their shades ranging from colorless to brown or yellow. Keep in mind that colorless diamonds are most precious and therefore quite rare and, of course, expensive too.

Clarity—Although certain amount of inclusions is normal in every piece of diamond, yet they are seldom visible to an untrained eye, without magnification. Nonetheless, the clarity and the resultant value are directly influenced by the number of inclusions (we are talking of blemishes), their type, visibility, and color.

Cut—When choosing your perfect diamond, be it your diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding bands, diamond tennis bracelets, and diamond earrings, you have to know to vital difference between the diamond cut and its shape. The cut refers to its symmetry, proportions, and the efficiency with which it has been cut and polished.

Carat weight—The measurement of a diamond is done in carats, meaning its size or weight. Carat weight of a diamond is the most evident determinant of its value, based on the standard of its color, clarity, and cut.

Spearheading Your Online Buying Experience—
All of our diamonds clear the GIA certification to become the jewel of your crown. Our utmost priority to nurture and sustain long-term relationship with our customers has made our romance with them grow stronger as ever. We take pride in being associated with Responsible Jewelry Council. That’s why we have a long and an ever-growing list of highly esteemed clients who have an eye for aesthetic and exquisite beauty and grace and trust us for their unique jewelry adornments.

Designing dreamy, customized, classy, and enthralling diamond
jewelry that signifies style and grace by adding a dash of luxurious
charm to your personality, no matter wherever you go!

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Charles Kevin doesn't just write about diamonds and gemstones; he brings their stories to life. His passion for storytelling and the fascinating world of gemstones has shaped his career as a writer. But it's not just about the sparkle and glamour; it's about his ability to translate complex gemological knowledge into concise, accessible writings that bring him joy.

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