Fine Jewelry and Gemstones aims to provide our customers with nothing less than top-grade jewelry and gems that can rise up to any occasion. Our collection of diamonds come in the most unique to the most exquisite designs. Find the exact piece to suit your taste.

About Our Diamonds

Diamonds have been used for decorative purposes for centuries and they are still extensively popular until today. It is one of the gemstones that is highly sought-after to complement a wearer’s daily outfit or for that special occasion that needs an upscale touch.

Diamonds are categorized according to their grades which include color, clarity, cut and of course, carat. The more desirable a piece of diamond is, the higher its overall value becomes. This is especially true in the industry of jewelry-making where every piece of diamond is made to suit different target audiences.

The smallest size of diamond is already enough to add a signature touch to a person’s overall look that spells out class and extravagance in so many different ways.

Popular Diamond Jewelry from Fine Jewelry and Gemstones

Below is a short list of diamond jewelry that Fine Jewelry and Gemstones offers:

  • 14k White Gold Antique Design Diamond Engagement Rings
  • 14k White Gold Curved Cross Diamond Studded Necklaces
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Studded Circle Pendants with Cut-out
  • 14k White Gold Double Infinity Diamond Engagement Rings
  • 14k White Gold Double Halo Round Diamond Drop Earrings
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Wedding Bands in Pave Setting
  • Swirl Design Diamond Rings in 14k White Gold
  • Triple Triangle Pendants with Diamonds in 14k White Gold
  • Diamond Vine Design Pendants in 14k White Gold
  • … and more!

Why Should You Wear Diamond Jewelry?

Diamond has been known to add a sparkle to our overall outlook. It can be worn on a daily basis despite it being a gemstone that is categorized as a luxury to own. Diamonds are perfect to complete a simple look to make it more interesting or to complement an elegant look.

Get Tasteful and Dazzling Diamonds from Fine Jewelry and Gemstones

At Fine Jewelry and Gemstones, our customers can rest assured that they will get quality jewelry pieces no matter what their budget is. Our range of jewelry and gems collections comes in different designs that are both unique and attractive to suit any occasion. Select the best one yet for that every day or for that important event that needs something a little extra special.

It is never a hassle to work with us should you require any form of assistance with customization or simply to guide you to choose the best design for your personal needs. Our staff is always friendly and ready to be at your service.

Our entire collection extends for well over 4,000 jewelry pieces to give you a good range of choices. You can get your exquisite piece at the fastest delivery mode whether internationally or within the United States.

If you have any questions about our jewelry, do not hesitate to contact us today. Get in touch with Fine Jewelry and Gemstones by calling 1-973-980-1910 or sending an email to admin@finejewelryandgemstones.com!