5 Ways To Protect Your Silver Jewelry

5 Ways To Protect Your Silver Jewelry

For many people, jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory. Given the investment that one makes to get fine jewelry, it makes a lot of sense to ensure that fine jewelry such as that made of silver is safe and well taken care of. Silver jewelry is especially beloved as it compliments almost any kind of outfit. Silver jewelry is also subtle and adds an understated but classy finish to your look. To keep silver jewelry looking fabulous for many years to come, here are some five suggestions that you can follow.

Clean and Protect Your Silver Jewelry

Jewelry tends to be worn next to the skin and silver jewelry, in particular, can be affected by sweat. When silver jewelry comes into contact with sweat, it can sometimes tarnish and lose its natural shine. This is the reason why experts always recommend wiping or clean your silver jewelry carefully before storage. Make sure that after wiping them, the pieces are stored in a space that minimizes contact with moisture. The ideal time to wipe your silver jewelry is in the evening before you put it away.

Use Airtight Containers

Sticking with the theme of storage, ensure that the silver jewelry is stored in proper storage units. Experts recommend using airtight boxes or wooden boxes that resist tarnishing agents. Using uncoated wooden boxes to store your silver jewelry will almost certainly lead to your precious silver jewelry losing its shine.


Another simple way of preserving your silver jewelry is to wrap it in soft cloth such as muslin. This simple act ensures that the jewelry does not lose its shine and does not get discolored. If you are on the road for example and unable to access muslin cloth, tissue paper works as well. Ensure that you wrap each piece of jewelry separately rather than lump them together in one package. Using newspaper or any other kind of printed paper to wrap your silver jewelry is not recommended.

Keep Them Separate

Always ensure that no two different pieces of silver jewelry go into one box. The danger here is that if you are not careful, you risk having your silver pieces getting scratched and ruined. Always store different silver jewelry pieces separately to ensure no surface damage to the valuable pieces. It is also a great idea to wrap them separately as well for the same reason.

Use Silica Gel

Using silica gel when storing your silver jewelry helps to reduce the moisture content around the pieces and thus avoid tarnishing them. Remember to put a few pieces of silica gel in the storage box in order to keep your silver shiny. If you are unable to get a hold of silica gel packs, activated charcoal works great as well.

Another great pointer to remember is to always put on your jewelry pieces last when dressing. This lowers the chance of these pieces being damaged by skincare products that you may be using on your skin.


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