How To Wear Mixed Metal Bracelets

How To Wear Mixed Metal Bracelets

Many stylists recommend not wearing jewelry made up of mixed metals. The standard of fashion has always been to match your necklace with your bracelet so as to maintain a harmonious look. However, times are changing and it is becoming more and more acceptable to have mixed bracelets. This is more so when it comes to mixed metal bracelets. Pulling this look however, requires careful planning and accessorizing to ensure that you get the outcome that you want. To further complicate the matter, this is not a look that you get to see in most fashion magazines or even on the street. What this means is that many people do not have a template to guide them on how to pull off this look. Before discussing how you can do it, here are some of the reasons why you should consider a mixed metal bracelet look.

Benefits of Mixed Metal Bracelets

The fact that many people don’t participate in this trend, it is a great way to stand out. If you do this, you can be sure that your look will be unique in almost any place that you choose to go to. The other reason is that when done well, it offers a superb look that could become your personal signature. Finally, wearing mixed metal bracelets allows you to utilize your metal bracelets even more. You can always match them with similar metals to create a regular look. However, this gives you the opportunity to create new looks with the same pieces of jewelry.

Here are some tips for those who want to wear mixed metal bracelets. 


One approach to pulling off mixed metal bracelets is to stack them. Some metals such as gold and silver look great when stacked. Rather than trying to match the metals, try to match the style instead. For example, you can either go for contemporary styled metals or antique but never mix the two looks together.

Consider the Tone

Another way of achieving a great look with mixed metal bracelets is to purposely ensure that one tone dominates while the other gives an accent. For example, one tone such as silver can be the primary one. This means that you could aim to wear two large bracelets made of silver with an accompanying thin gold bracelet. In such a case, the silver is the main hue and the gold is the accent.

Remember to Express Yourself Fashion is always about self-expression. When considering mixed metal bracelets, it is important to look at the final look and consider if this is the expression that you want to project. Finding the right fashion statement that matches your personality is critical as it enhances your self-confidence. This, in turn, improves your overall look and makes you more likely to stand out when wearing mixed metal bracelets. 

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