The Complete Guide to Women’s Wedding Bands
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The Complete Guide to Women’s Wedding Bands

Are you here to know about wedding bands for women? Well, you are in at the right place to get all the information you need to pick your choicest wedding band for women. After all, it is going to begin a new phase of your life full of love, trust, faith, and undying understanding. That’s why it is symbolic of love.

We are here to make this special occasion in your life not only memorable but also completely stress-free. So, let us join on this lovely venture by diving into some important things you need to know about how and what to look for while buying a woman’s wedding band.

Here we begin…………

Wedding Band Choices—-



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Rose gold, yellow gold, palladium, white gold, and platinum are among the top options for bands. However, you can also explore other alternatives including tungsten. It is very common for majority of brides-to-be to opt for the same metal for their wedding bands as used in their engagement rings.


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However, you don’t have to follow the trend. It is your personal choice. If you are fond of mixed metals, then you either go for a braided band by combining several colors in your ring or simply use a band which is different than your enticing engagement ring. You should choose a stronger metal like platinum or tungsten which are tougher than white gold if you have to use your hands for doing work daily.

The Designs—


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See, your wedding band’s design must complement your dress and jewelry in your collection. How you dress up daily conveys your distinct fashion sense. Similarly, the wedding band is also expression of your romantic preference.


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So, from elaborate to simple, classic, and contemporary, the choice is limitless and left to your creativity. Choose the one that suits your own style, by listening to your silent whisper because your gut feeling can never go wrong.


Do you love gems and stones? If yes, then it is a good idea to accentuate these precious pieces of jewels to make your wedding band become exceptional and adorable. Of course, the first thought that comes to every mind while thinking about wedding bands is diamonds.


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No doubt, they have a strong connection with weddings for a long time due to their timeless value and being symbolic of love. However, you can experiment by picking from plain bands, straight bands, eternity bands, shadow wedding bands, pave styles, channel setting, baguette cut, or marquise cut depending on what you love.


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While pave styles are for those who admire flair and shine, but they are a big ‘no’ for those having an active lifestyle. So, a good option in this case is choosing a channel setting because you can still get the glamour without putting yourself at the risk of losing stones in pave styles. When you have to choose the stones, it is good to go for diamonds or sapphires, or even rubies.


Those who love to add a personal touch to their wedding band, engraving is the answer. The fact that the choice seems to be wide-ranging makes it all the more alluring. You can have the lyrics of your favorite love song engraved on your band to make it a symbol of your loving relationship.


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It is a common trend to have your wedding band personalized by any peculiar phrase having a special meaning in your relationship or even the date of your wedding. You may even have the names of you and your would-be partner engraved on the band. Don’t follow the trend. Just listen to what your heart says.


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With all these vital tips for purchasing your wedding band in mind, we hope to make your journey fun-filled, loving, and joyful forever.

May You Live Happily Ever After!!!


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