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Top Trending Engagement Rings for Fall Proposals 2020

Do you want to know the most in demand fall engagement rings for proposal in 2020? Why not? With autumn already nearing around, the time is ripe for the onset of the festive engagement season. And if you, too, are planning to take your vows in the summer or spring, you can’t wait to exchange your engagement rings in the comfy and cheerful months of fall and winter.

Choosing an engagement ring can prove to be taxing especially if you don’t know the ins and outs of the latest trends. With a range of factors to be taken into consideration including gemstones, shape of stones, setting styles and of course, your taste and budget, your choices could make you feel surprised and confused. 

If you are still hunting for a perfect style for your D-day, here is our guide to the most famous engagement styles of fall this year. Browse through the emerging and reigning engagement rind trends ranging from the enchanting art deco-inspired designs to dazzling repurposing heirlooms.

Here is a glimpse of the latest and top trending engagement rings this year.

Top reigning engagement ring trends in 2020–

  • Two-Tone—Two-one engagement rings are busy creating a buzz everywhere. The best thing about choosing a two-tone ring is that you can mix metals of your ring as and when you like to.

In the words of a renowned designed Ashley Zhang, “so as trends or your tastes change over time your ring will easily look great with either all yellow gold jewelry, all-white metal jewelry, or a mix. I also love mixing metals in a wedding band stack for some added interest!”


Engagement & Anniversary Rings

14k Two Tone Gold Split Shank Style Diamond Engagement Ring (1 1/…

  • Signet Styles—Signet engagement rings are the latest entrant in the world of fashion. They have popped up with an added contemporary look to them. As per fine jewelry designer Lizzie Mandler, “Signet rings have a long and rich history in jewelry and were always geared towards men, but gypsy rings — which are rings that feature a stone or stones set into a band that runs flush with the metal — were traditionally for both men and women”.

They are, for sure, the most hot-and-happening trend to be followed by modern brides and brides-to-be in 2020. Also known as gypsy rings, the dainty signet rings often feature in the fine jewelry brands for their exuberance accompanied by affordability.

  • Heirloom—Want to update the phenomenon cherished engagement ring by incorporating something unique and bold? Opt for heirloom-style engagement ring using your family stones to express your relationship. Heirloom engagement rings are for those who admire and treasure the worth of remodeling and durability.

“I think nostalgia has definitely played a big part in why couples are so intrigued by repurposing during this time. It’s nostalgia mixed with awareness, and couples, now more than ever, are appreciating the value of repurposing and sustainability. Because of this, I think we’ll see a trend of heirloom engagement rings, using family stones”, says Jonne Amaya, a Los-Angeles based custom fine jewelry creator.


14k White And Yellow Gold Antique Style Diamond Engagement Ring (1 1/8 cttw)

  • Black Diamonds—Black diamond engagement rings are in vogue once again since their launch way back in 2011. They are trending like never before. See what Anna Sheffield has to say about these black in-thing solitaires. “I love the way these stones look paired with white diamonds as a complement, like in a three or five stone ring or even just a solitaire with delicate pave on the band”, she states.

18k Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver Entwined Popcorn Ring with Black Diamonds

  • Fancy cuts and large stones—For those who love to exhibit their modern yet unique persona, fancy cut diamonds are the best bet. These classic and timeless splendors are a rage for engagement rings for their stupendous diamonds in exceptional bespoke settings.
  • Oval Rings—Want to know the reigning style of the year? Any guesses? It is oval rings, the stone style that has burst into the limelight. And the credit for this must go to Jourdan Dunn, a famous supermodel. Since her first pic with her engagement ring this year, the fashion kingdom is rife with the supremacy of her oval-cut ring having a pink undertoned-diamond at the center of a diamond pave band.

Thelma West—“Post-COVID, we are seeing a trend for engagement rings with beautiful diamonds in unique bespoke settings. There is a greater importance on the gem and its ability to hold value so that it’s not only a symbol of romance and love, but also a solid investment. Couples will go for spectacular shaped diamonds to reflect their personality and style; a curvier pear diamond, elongated ovals, or shield cut.


Oval Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, the matchless beauty and illustrative meaning of a ring, whether it is in solid gold, magnificent diamond, eclectic silver, or a curious fusion of any of these, says it all.

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