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Fabulous Jewelry Style Tips You Must Know

Wondering how to select and style jewelry that complements your looks and peps up your wardrobe? Well, here we are to unveil some of the hot and happening tips to style your jewelry and become a fashionista. So, let us venture out together–

Although you have a huge collection of jewelry comprising of cherry-picked pieces from different locations, but still, somehow, you are unable to make the best of it and feel lost. Well, it is a common issue of many of us. The good thing is that with a number of indispensable fashion and jewelry style tips and clues to look your best while complementing your unique personality and style. 

How much it too much?–

Do you know how much jewelry to wear? In other words, do you know when to stop to avoid looking over bedecked? If you are going to wear a pair of bold earrings, then make sure your necklace is either simple or avoid wearing it at all. Similarly, never commit the mistake of wearing a statement jewelry piece(or even a layered necklace) with a bunch of bangles. 

Do you change your earrings?–

Are you among the females who keep on wearing the same earrings for weeks or even months together? If yes, then you must remember to add a dash of style and look cheerful by changing your earrings more often. Whether you wear small studs or dangle earrings, variety is the spice of life and the same holds true for your earrings too. So, take a sneak peak into your jewelry collection to see which pair of earrings have not been worn for quite sometime. Of course, you can buy a few pairs of earrings to brighten up your collection. 

Jewelry or dress?–

Do you plan to wear a simple outfit to a party or a special event? Don’t worry. You can transform it into special and happening by accompanying it with the best of accessories and jewelry. Statement jewelry is your safest bet to perk up your drab outfit. On the other hand, if your outfit seems to be too bold and bright for the occasion, underplay it by using the right pieces of jewelry. Make sure to opt for subtle and sober jewels. 

Wear Rings to Exude Flamboyance–

Want to take music along wherever you go? Wear rings. Yes, that’s true. Rings add a touch of style and versatility to your jewelry collection. You can experiment by mixing and matching different colors, styles, and gemstones. You can even wear multiple stacking rings to look chic while supporting a minimalist look. Wearing a cocktail ring on both hands also enhances your looks. 

Learn to Mix Metals–

Want to experiment to look your fashionable best? Say yes to mixing different colors of metals. Go for pendants in colors that contrast with the color of the chain. Similarly, you can wear rings of varied metal colors or bangles in various metals to lend a touch of vibrance and color to your dress. 

Stop becoming a slave to fashion trends–

Be a trend setter rather than becoming a follower of the prevailing trends. What and how you wear must reflect your real personality, your style, and your way of life. So, chalk out your unique style which lets you look your ever best and walk with confidence. 

When you are deciding which jewelry to wear, see what looks best with your general style, your frame, and your overalll personality. Remember, you are special, unique, and different. 

So, go for what you love, whether it is gold jewelry, silver jewels, or any other jewel piece. The choice and decision is entirely yours. 

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