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How to Select the Right Anniversary Band
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How to Select the Right Anniversary Band

Is your marriage anniversary just around the corner and do you want a unique gift to celebrate your anniversary in style? Well, an anniversary band is a wonderful gift idea to make the occasion memorable. 

Let us inform you that the GIA-Gemological Institution of America has recommendations for one through ten years regarding gemstones which are–gold, garnet, pearls, blue topaz, sapphire, amethyst, onyx, tourmaline, lapis lazuli, and diamond respectively. 

So, if you want some tips about which anniversary band to choose to surprise your partner, then here are simple clues for your consideration–

Selecting the style of an anniversary band–

Choosing the design and style of an anniversary band is of top priority. Anniversary bands or rings can either be accented with gemstones or diamonds or be solids. So, if you are choosing a plain band, it can be in any alternative metal to give you a curious contrast or simply be in the same metal as your wedding ring. Moreover, you also have to decide on the gems you want in your gemstone or diamond ring keeping in mind the size and the gemstone arrangement you want. You can also go for bigger gemstones provided they are of good quality. 

Your choice of the band’s design is solely dependent on how you want to wear it. For example, you must select something more distinguishing if you want to wear the band by itself. However, you have to make sure to pick a ring that matches the style of your wedding or engagement ring if you want to stack it with either of these. 

You must know that diamonds feature on the front portion of the band in traditional anniversary rings/bands. Meanwhile, you can also wear an eternity ring as an anniversary band. 

See how she intends to wear the band

Yes, this is certainly the topmost thing to be kept in mind. An anniversary band can be worn in three ways. It can be worn in a stack with her engagement and wedding ring. She can wear it on the opposite hand or any different finger. Moreover, she can replace it for her engagement ring or wedding band. 

What about Tradition?–

Are you going to choose the anniversary band by following a tradition? Well, a large number of people are associated to any specific stone or metal, especially in case you are celebrating your big milestone anniversary. You have to decide whether you wish to include such traditional elements while picking the right anniversary band or you simply want to experiment with something unique and dynamic. 

Remember, an anniversary band is a symbolic and distinguishing way to celebrate the memorable years you have spent together as a couple, and many more to come. 

And there are no specific rules but only choices for an anniversary ring. After all, an anniversary band is celebration of your true love and must reveal your individual story. It can be either an upgradation to your existing wedding or engagement band or an independent accessory. 

With countless options before you ranging from gemstones to diamonds and beyond, it is up to you see what fits your specific taste and style.

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